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Asteroid Blast

The apocalypse has begun! Defend the earth from falling

Goblin Flying Machine

Take Gizmo the Goblin and his machine and fly

Nut Rush

Help the cute squirrel to get the most delicious

Pumpkin Smasher

Pumpkin cutter action for your mobile device! Cut all


The Eater of Worlds has come to engulf the

Jelly Collapse

Tap jelly buttons of similar color to remove then.

Captain Rogers Defense

Defend your headquarters agains rockets ships and all the

Vanilla Pinball

This is a classic pinball game, but twice the

Zombie Getaway

Escape the Zombies! Run fast, react quickly, avoid obstacles

Cannons and Soldiers

Aim and shoot! Use the canon to destroy all

Mine Rescue

Rescue you friends from the cave collapse! Open your

Zombies Can’t Jump

Beware, the zombie apocalypse did finally come. Fortunately you